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Gilan of Swales

Duke of Swales who, in Gottfried’s Tristan, harbored Tristan during one of Tristan’s exiles from King Mark’s court. Gilan owned a little dog named Petitcrieu, which had been given to him by a lady from Avalon. He gave the dog to Tristan as a reward for Tristan’s killing of the troublesome giant named Urgan.

He is known as Bramante in La Tavola Ritonda. In the Pleier’s Garel, he appears as a knight defeated in combat by Garel. Each was so impressed with the other’s prowess that they became fast friends. Garel helped Gilan rescue his nephews, Alexander and Floris, from Eskilabon of Belamunt. Gilan returned the favor by fighting alongside Garel in Arthur’s war against King Ekunaver of Kanadic

Arthur later awarded him a Round Table seat.

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Garel von dem blühenden Tal | Der Pleier, 1240-1270