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Gluneu eil Taran

One of the seven survivors of the expedition to Ireland mounted by Bendigeid Vran to avenge the cruelty being dealt out to his sister Branwen by the Irish King Matholwch.

He and his six compatriots carried the severed head of Bendigeid Vran back from Ireland and, following Bendigeid Vran’s instructions, after a lengthy journey, buried it under the White Mount in London. Glifieu’s companions are named as PryderiManawydan fab Llyr, Taliesin, Ynawc (Ynawag), Grudyen (Gruddieu) and Heilyn. Glifieu himself sometimes being called Gluneu eil Taran.

They brought the unfortunate Branwen home with them, but, when she sat down and thought of the destruction wreaked on her behalf, she died of a broken heart.