Golagras, Golagrus, Gologras, Golograse, Gologrus

One of the title characters in the Middle Scots poem called The Knightly Tale of Gologras and Gawain.

Arthur saw Golagros’s magnificent castle during a pilgrimage to Rome. Upon learning that Golagros served no master, Arthur vowed to subjugate him. Arthur’s knights besieged the castle on the return trip. After a number of losses, Golagros agreed to decide the battle through a single combat between himself and Gawain.

When Gawain defeated him, Golagros asked to die. Gawain balked, and Golagros said he would only consent to live if Gawain surrendered to him. Gawain agreed and Gologras, impressed with Gawain’s nobility, swore fealty to him and to Arthur. Arthur, however, having learned his own lesson in nobility, freed Golagros from his vow.

Golagros and Gawain | Late 15th century