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The name belongs to a number of warriors in Welsh legends, here are two of them.


A warrior who was the son of Gairioedd.

He was imprisoned in Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld, and may have been rescued by Arthur.

Preiddeu Annwfn | Attributed to Taliesin, c. 900


One of Arthur’s warriors and advisors. His father was Gwestyl.

He was one of the three knights that Peredur saw as a youth, prompting him to begin his own career as a knight.

Breudwyt Rhonabwy | 13th century
Peredur | 13th century

Gweir, can mean ‘hay’, ‘collar’, ‘circle’, ‘loop’, or ‘bend’.
It may be the source of the Breton Guerec, or Erec, and may also be the origin of Gaheris.