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Angodebranz, Argodebranz, Bardogabran, Bordogabron, Hardagabran, Hardarbraz, Hardogabran, Hardogabrant, Hargadabran, Hargadabrant, Hargodabran, Hargodabrant, Hargodabranz, Hegadabrant

A mighty, gigantic Saxon king, fifteen feet tall, who was one of the principal invaders of Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign.

He answered to Aminaduc, the Saxon high king who was his uncle. Hargadabran took advantage of Britain’s political turmoil by leading his armies into the northern kingdoms while all their rulers were battling Arthur at Bedegraine. He led a defeat of the northern kings at Clarence, but was himself defeated there after the rebelling kings united with Arthur. On the tails of this defeat, Hargadabran fled back to Saxony.

Hargadabran led a second invasion, in Scotland, many years later, conspiring with his sister, the sorceress Gamille of Saxon Rock (Camille), to capture and imprison Arthur and GawainLancelot foiled the plan. Arthur’s forces defeated the Hargadabran’s Saxons at the battle of Godelonte Narrows, and Lancelot cut off Hargadabran’s leg. Hargadabran was subsequently taken prisoner by Yvain, and, grieving over his defeat and maiming, he stabbed himself to death when carried to the tents.

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