Haughty Knight of the Rock on the Narrow Way

Proud Knight of the Passage with the Narrow Way

The knight with whom the Haughty Maid of Logres escaped from Guiromelant. It appears to me that, when she sends passing knights to fetch her little palfrey, the Haughty Knight of the Rock is the champion on whom she relies to come and put them to death or disgrace in single combat.

The day after she leaves Gawaine at the riverbank facing Canguin, she returns with her Haughty Knight of the Rock. Sure enough, Gawaine has himself ferried across the river to meet them. He soon defeats the Haughty Knight and sends him over to Canguin; the damsel’s turn does not come until later in the day.

This Haughty Knight bore a quartered shield. By Guiromelant’s testimony, he guarded the Galloway border and was a formidable opponent – even though, Guiromelant adds, he never dared come near him (Guiromelant) again.

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