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Hector the Brown

Two entries with the name Hector the Brown.

Hector the Brown

A famous, unsurpassed warrior of the generations before Arthur. He was the brother of Galehaut the Brown and Ellain the Brown, and the father of another Galehaut the Brown. The other Hector the Brown was his nephew.

Hector fled Britain with his brother Galehaut to avoid the wrath of King Vortigern, but he was shipwrecked and stranded on an island.

Hector the Brown

Another famous knight of the “Brown” lineage; the son of Galehaut the Brown, Ellain the Brown, or Brun; the brother of Branor the Brown and Bruhalt the Brown (Bruhaut); and the father of Segurant the Brown.

There is a confusion among relationships here, and this Hector the Brown might be more than oen character.

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