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Herlews le Berbeus

and His Lady

Harlews, Herlan the Bearded, Herlaus

A knight defeated by Alexander the Orphan (Alisander) at the castle of Fair Guard. Malory gives this name to the knight, unnamed in the Post-Vulgate Suite de Merlin, who is killed by the invisible Sir Garlon while in company of Sir Balin:

When Herlews was mortally wounded by the invisible Garlon, he told Balin le Savage to take his horse and follow his lady in

the quest that I was in as she will lead you, and revenge my death when you may.

She seems to have been a capable, loyal, and hardy damsel, surviving the ordeal – which killed at least three score other maidens – of giving a dish of her blood to the Leprous Lady, and carrying with her the truncheon with which Garlon had slain Herlews until Balin called for it to stick into Garlon’s body and complete the revenge.

She was killed when Balin dealt King Pellam the Dolorous Stroke and the castle fell down upon them. One would have said she deserved a better fate; one would have said that Balin deserved a better fate, too.

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