Hojir of Mannesvelt

The Red Knight

A count called the “Red Knight” because of his crimson hair and beard.

In a version of the sparrowhawk tournament found in Wirnt von Grafenberg’s Wigalois, Hojir wrongfully gave a parrot – which had been intended for the most beautiful lady at the tournament – to his own lady. None of the knights at the tournament were willing to stand up to him. The rightful victor left and found Wigalois (Gawain’s son), who accompanied her back to the tournament, defeated Hojir in combat, and awarded the parrot to its rightful owner.

Hojir and his lady were forced to travel to Arthur’s court as prisoners. Hojir later became a friend of Wigalois.

His counterpart in Renaut de Bâgé’s The Fair Unknown is Girflet.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century