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Huon de Bordeaux

Huon of the Horn

Huon de Bordeaux, alias Huon of the Horn, can probably be identified with the Knight of the Horn whom Chrétien de Troyes lists among Arthur’s good knights.

The hero of the romance Huon de Bordeaux (early thirteenth century), set in Carolingian times (AD 751-987). In this, from which Shakespeare ovbiously drew a great deal of material, names Oberon, king of the fairies, assigned his realm to Huon.

Arthur, who had been living in Fairyland since the end of his earthly reign – thus making Fairyland cognate with Avalon – had thought the kingdom would be passed to him and was most disturbed, when it befell upon Huon – who enjoyed the protection of Morgan le Fay. Arthur tried to seize it from Huon, but Oberon threatened Arthur, ensured there would be peace between him and Huon.

Huon de Bordeaux | Early 13th century