Johfritz de Liez

Joferit, Jofreit, Jofrit, Johfreit, Johfrit

Lord of Liez, son of Idœl, and maternal relative of Arthur.

Johfrit encountered Lancelot shortly after Lancelot arrived in the world of men from the enchanted island of his upbringing. Lancelot was inexperienced in horseback riding and was faring rather poorly. Johfrit met and befriended him, and showed him the proper way to use the reins. He gave lodging to Lancelot at his castle, and his wife sponsored a tournament in which Lancelot participated.

His name is probably a variation of Jaufre or Girflet, who, according to R. S. Loomis, comes from the Welsh Gilfaethwy. Interestingly, as Loomis points out, Welsh tradition has Gilfaethwy or his brother Gwydion teaching Lleu how to ride a horse. (Lleu may be a literary precursor of Lancelot.)

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