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Knights of the Round Table

The most chivalrous order of knights ever to have been formed. They obtained their name from the table at which they were seated, so that none had precedence over the other. They vowed to uphold a code of ethics laid down by Arthur, and reasserted this oath every year at the feast of Pentecost, meeting in the Great Hall of Camelot.

  • A question mark after the name of a knight in the Round Table list indicates that he is pretty well established as having been of Arthur’s court for at least a time and his known stature or some other evidence suggests he would have been a companion of the Table.
  • The paranthesized word (late) after a companion’s name indicates that he only became a member of the Round Table on the eve of Arthur’s downfall – Gaheres took Gareth’s seat, Helyan Lancelot’s, Bellinor that of Bors de Ganis, and Vadalon that of Ector de Maris after the split between Arthur and Lancelot, even though Lancelot, Bors, and Ector were still alive.

These lists do not reflect Arthur’s court at any given moment. For instance, Tristram only became a member of the court and companion of the Round Table some time after Marhaus’ death at Tristram’s own hands. (Tristram took Marhaus’ seat.)

Even those knights alive at the same time would rarely if ever have all been present at court at once, Knights, Round Table and otherwise, were continually leaving on missions, quests, and other adventures. Lancelot had a habit of going of incognito without telling anyone ahead of time, while some knights, like Tristram, Pelleas, and Galahad, seem to have spent hardly any of their lives at Arthur’s court.

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