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According to Wolfram von Eschenbach she was the wife of Parsifal. She was the daughter of King Tampenteire, and the niece of Gornemant. When Parsifal ended his chivalric upbringing at Gurnemans and went out for adventure he arrived to the capital of the land Brobara (Brobarz). It was besieged by king Klamid, who had proposed to the land’s queen Kondviramur but had been turned down. Now he wanted to revenge that and take her with violence.

The city of Belrepeire (Beaurepaire) was starving, and in the castle not even a rat could not have enough to eat and the knights walked around thin and gloomy. The queen, in the other hand, were as a dewey rose and met Parsifal with a kiss: “red mouth against red mouth they rested”. When the night had fallen she sneaked in to his chambers. Her errant was not of the sort of “love that makes a maiden to a wife”; what she wanted was a friend’s advice and help.

She told him of his needs: King Klamid had a friend, Constable Kingrun. This man had killed many of her knights and now it was his attention to take the queen the next day and place her in the arms of king Klamid. Parsifal promised to defend her.

The next day arrived and with that the Constable, but Parsifal defeated him and sent him to serve at King Arthur’s court. When king Klamid got the news he, of course, turned furious and challenged Parsifal to a duel, but also Klamid were defeated and sent to King Arthur’s court. Then Parsifal married Kondviramur. He was happy with her, but after a time he still broke up to continue finding adventures, but the further away he travelled and by the time went, his love for her grew.

Through all the adventures he stayed faithful till the day they reunited in the Grail Castle. By that time Kondviramur had given birth to twin sons, Kardeiz and Lohengrin. Perceval brought her to Munsalvæsche to become his Grail Queen.

Her counterpart is Blancheflor of Beaurepaire in Chrétien’s Perceval and Lufamour in Sir Perceval of Galles.