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The name of Enide’s father according to Hartmann von Aue. He is called Licorant (Liconal) by Chrétien de Troyes.

Once a wealthy nobleman, he was wrongfully dispossessed, and was forced to live in abject poverty with his wife (Karsinefite) and daughter in the city of Tulmein, which belonged to Koralus’s brother-in-law, Imain. Despite his dire situation, he gave good hospitality to Erec when Erec came to Tulmein to compete in the sparrowhawk tournament, and he lent Erec a suit of armor, a sword, and his daughter Enide for the occasion.

After Erec and Enide married, Erec’s father Lac of Outre-Gales made Koralus the lord of the castles Montrevel and Roadan.

Erec | Hartmann von Aue, late 12th century