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Kuraus with the Brave Heart

A British knight from Gagunne, encountered by Lancelot early in his adventures. Lancelot came across Kuraus and Orphilet fighting in a clearing. They were both ready to collapse from exhaustion, and Lancelot made them stop fighting.

The three knights went together to the castle of Moreiz, where they enjoyed the hospitality of Lord Galagandreiz. Galagandreiz was of uneven disposition, and Kuraus feared him. For this reason, he declined to sleep with Galagandreiz’s daughter when she offered herself to him. At the end of their adventure, Kuraus invited Lancelot back to Gagunne, but Lancelot declined.

R. S. Loomis thought that Kuraus is a derivation of cuars, meaning “coward”. His character is an allusion to the French tale (found in Manessier’s continuation of Perceval and in Perlesvaus) of the coward knight who later turns out to be brave, and is thus given a new name – hence “with the Brave Heart”.

Lanzelet | Ulrich von Zatzikhoven, c. 1200