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Lambegue of Gaul

Lambeguen, Lambegues, Lambeguez, Lanbeguet

A Gaulish knight who originally served King Bors of Gannes as a tutor for Bors and Lionel, King Bors’ sons.

When Gannes was conquered by Claudas, Lambegue unwillingly entered his service. Later, he broke faith, started a revolt, and tried to murder Claudas, but was foiled by the noble Pharien, his own uncle. He eventually reconciled with Pharien. Content that Bors and Lionel were being cared for by the Lady of the Lake, Lambegue left Gannes for Britain, joined Arthur’s wars against the Saxons, and became a Knight of the Round Table.

Bors saved him from execution in the forest of Roevent. He became a companion of Tristan, and once tried to rescue Isolde from an abduction by Palamedes. He joined the Grail Quest and was present at Corbenic (Carbonek) when Galahad completed it.

He was killed fighting Lancelot and his men when Lancelot rescued Queen Guenevere from the stake.

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