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Lambor of Listenois

Lambor of Terre Foraine
Labain, Labran, Lambar, Lambart, Lambord, Lambort

The King of Terre Foraine (Strange Land) or Logres, a Grail King descended from Bron. He ruled Corbenic and the Strange Land.

He inherited the post from his father, King Manuel, and passed it on to his son, King Pellehan. He was a man of great Christian faith. His descendants included PellesElaine, and Galahad.

Lambor was slain by King Varlan of Wales, who split his head with the forbidden Sword with the Strange Hangings. This was the first Dolorous Stroke, and it created a Waste Land of Wales and the Strange Land.

John of Glastonbury’s genealogy makes Lambor an ancestor of Arthur through Igerne (Igraine).

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