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Lar of Korntin

King of Korntin, husband of Queen Amire (Amene), and father of Lamire.

He was killed by King Roaz of Glois, who seized his land and drove his family into exile. Lar’s ghost, sometimes in the form of a beast, wandered Korntin for ten years, until Wigalois arrived to destroy Roaz whom besieged Amene. Lar guided Wigalois through Korntin and told him of a horrible dragon named Pfetan that needed to be vanquished. Lar provided Wigalois with a magic lance to accomplish this feat.

Lar also revealed that Gawain was Wigalois’s father. Wigalois eventually avenged Lar’s death and allowed his spirit to rest.

Lar’s brother, Garez, was a king of Libya.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century