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In Wirnt von Grafenberg’s Wigalois, the daughter of King Lar and Queen Amire of Korntin (Amene).

Her father was killed by King Roaz of Glois, who drove Larie and her mother to the border of their own kingdom. She was raised in the castle of Roimunt and was promised to any knight who could vanquish Roaz. Wigalois (Gawain’s son), answering the challenge, fell in love with Larie at first sight. After Wigalois killed Roaz, he and Larie were married.

They happily and justly ruled Korntin for the rest of their days, and had a valiant son named Gawanides.

Larie’s counterpart in Renaut de Bâgé’s The Fair Unknown is Esmeree the Blonde.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century