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Leonce de Paerne

Leonces de Paerne, Leonces de Palerne; Leonche, Leones de Palerne, Letaices de Paonne, Lionces, Lionses, Lyonses

A nobleman from Paierne in the service of (and probably cousin of) King Ban of Benoic and King Bors of Gannes.

Leonce was awarded the stewardship of Benoic (Benwick) when Ban and Bors left to join Arthur’s war against the rebellious kings. Leonce visited Britain briefly to join Arthur’s forces in the Bedegraine battle, and he later returned to help fight the Saxons.

When Benoic and Gannes were seized by Claudas, Leonce entered into an uncomfortable service with his masters’ enemy. He brought comfort to the people of Gannes by reporting that its princes, Bors and Lionel, were safe in the care of the Lady of the Lake.

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