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Lidoine of Escavalon

The beautiful daughter of the King of Escavalon, loved by two of Arthur’s knights: Meraugis of Portlesguez and Gorvain Cadrut. The former loved her for her personality, and the latter for her beauty.

At the tournament of Lindesores, Guinevere ruled that Meraugis had the better claim to her. At Lidoine’s command, Meraugis then embarked on a series of adventures, accompanied by Lidoine, to prove himself worthy of her. They eventually became separated, and Meraugis was believed to have been killed.

Lord Belchis tried to force her into marriage with Espinogrés, his son, but Meraugis showed up in time to prevent the marriage and to claim Lidoine as his own.

Meraugis de Portlesquez | Raoul de Houdenc, early 13th century