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Lionors, Lisanor, Lisianor, Lyonors, Lysanor

She’s more commonly known as Lionors and is the daughter of Count Sevain, Dame Lyzianor

came thither [to Arthur] for to do homage, as other lords did after the great battle

of Bedegraine. She pleased Arthur so well that he begat on her Sir Borre,

"that was after a good knight, and of the Round Table". 

This was, of course, before Arthur met Guenevere. Lyzianor seems to have been chatelaine of Karadigan Castle.

In Vulgate II, Sommer uses Lisanor for her name, and her son by Arthur is called Lohot. To try to avoid confusion with Lyonors of Castle Dangerous, I have here preferred the variant of her name for Arthur’s early paramour as given in Vulgate VII.

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