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Meliant of Dianarca

Meleagant, Meliagante, Melyan, Melyant, Melyas

A young knight from Dianarca, Lyle, or Denmark.

He was knighted by Galahad at the beginning of the Grail Quest. He was soon badly wounded because he did not make a full confession before embarking on the Quest, because he proudly took a dangerous road, and because he covetously stole a crown. He recovered, and was present at Corbenic (Carbonek) when Galahad completed the Quest.

Arthur appointed him to the Round Table, but Meliant pledged his support to Lancelot when the latter’s affair with Guenevere was exposed. He helped rescue the queen from the stake, and fought against Arthur at the battles of Joyous Guard and Benoic (Benwick). In return for his support, Lancelot made him the Earl of Tursan.

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