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The Moors were a medieval Muslim people of North African and Arab descent who ruled parts of the Iberian Peninsula, including modern-day Spain and Portugal, for several centuries.

The term “Moors” originally referred to the inhabitants of the historical region of Mauretania in North Africa. However, during the Middle Ages, it came to be used more broadly to describe Muslims in general and specifically the Muslim inhabitants of Al-Andalus, the Islamic territory in the Ibierian Peninsula.

In Arthurian legends, the term “Moors” is often associated with the character of Sir Palamedes (Palomides), a knight known as the Saracen Knight or the Knight of the Moors. Sir Palamedes is depicted as a noble and valiant knight who originates from the Muslim world, specifically the Moorish lands.

According to Arthurian tales, Sir Palamedes is a son of King Esclabor, the Moorish king of Babylon, and his mother is often described as the sister of Sir Safir (Safere), another Saracen knight. Sir Palamedes is renowned for his prowess in combat and his chivalrous nature. He participates in various knightly adventures and often finds himself allied with or in conflict with the Knights of the Round Table, including King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.

Sir Palamedes’ character is primarily associated with themes of racial and cultural diversity, as his presence in Arthurian legends represents the inclusion of characters from different backgrounds and serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of the medieval world. He embodies the idea that valor and virtue transcend cultural boundaries and that individuals should be judged based on their character and actions rather than their ethnicity or heritage.