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Nentres of Garloth

Nanter, Nanters, Nantes, Nantres, Natres, Nentres of Garlot, Neutres, Nextres de Garloc, Ventres

Nentres of Garlot first appears in the Vulgate Merlin, though the Didot-Perceval’s Viautre of Galerot may be the same character. Nentres married Arthur’s half-sister Elaine of Tintagil (or Blasine), and also looked after the young Morgan le Fay.

Nentres opposed Arthur’s claim to the British throne and joined a rebellion against him, pledging 5,000 mounted men to the cause and fought well in the battle of Bedegraine. When the kings had to suspend their rebellion because of the Saracen attack on Wandesborow Castle, Nentres was put in charge of the city of Windesan.

Nentre’s son, Galescalain (Galeshin), opposed Nentres’s revolt and took service with Arthur. Arthur defeated the rebels at the battles of Caerleon and Bedegraine, after which the rebel kings had to return home to deal with a Saxon invasion. Nentres’s wife was kidnapped by the Saxons, but Gawain rescued her.

After suffering several defeats at the hands of the Saxons, Nentres and the others made peace with Arthur, joined his forces, and crushed the Saxons at the battle of Clarence. Later, during Arthur’s war with Rome, Nentres earned distinction by slaying King Alifatima of Spain.

Arthur eventuelly appointed him to the Round Table.

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