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Oswain Braveheart

Suziano of the Valiant Heart
Osaains, Osanain, Osenain, Osenayn Cors Hardy, Osevain Cors Hardiz, Osoain, Osoman, Osuain Cuer Hardi, Osuain au Cors Hardi, Osuain Corps Hardi, Ozanna

A Knight of the Round TablePalamedes says he was the son of Quinados Braveheart, but in La Tavola Ritonda, he is the son of Lady Largina and either King Esclabor the Unknown or King Amorotto of Listenois.

He fought in Arthur’s wars against King Rions in the Vulgate Merlin. Malory lists him among the knights defeated and imprisoned when Meleagant (Meleagaunce) kidnapped Guinevere, and in the Prose Tristan, he participates in the Grail Quest.

In Tavola, he has to guard a bridge for the love of Lady Losanna of the Ancient Tower, having slain its previous guardian (and Losanna’s fiancee), Lanfate. While Oswain was trying to slain a maiden named Tessina, whom Losanna hated, Tristan discovered and killed him.

Vulgate Lancelot | 1215-1230
Vulgate Merlin | 1220-1235
Prose Tristan | 1230-1240
Palamedes | c. 1240
Arthour and Merlin | Late 13th century
La Tavola Ritonda | 1325–1350
Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470