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Perceval of Wales

Parcefal, Parceval, Parcevalle, Parcevau, Parcevax, Parcheval li Galois, Parcival, Parsifal, Parsival, Partzefal, Parzival, Perceval de Gales, Perceval li Galois, Perceval the Welshman; Percevale, Percevas, Percevax, Percevelle, Perchevael, Perchevaus, Perchevel, Perciauales, Percival, Percyvell, Peredur, Perlesvaus, Perlevax, Persevall, Persevax, Prenzival, Pressivalle, Prezzivale

Known among Welsh sources as Peredur, Perceval appears to have been the invention of Chrétien de Troyes, for this is the earliest reference made to a character by this name. In German sources he is called Parsifal or Parzival.

I have chosen to call him Percivale of Wales.