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Peron, Perron, Petreus, Petrus, Pieres, Pierre, Pierres, Pierron

A follower (and/or a relative) of Joseph of Arimathea, mentioned by Robert de Boron and the Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal. Robert tells us that he was assigned the task of traveling to the Vale of Avaron (Avalon?) in Britain and to await the coming of the third Grail Keeper (unnamed, but probably Perceval).

In the Estoire, Peter is an ancestor of Lot and Gawain. His cousin, Simeon, tried to murder him, but succeeded only in giving him a poisoned wound. As it festered and caused great pain, Peter was sent out to sea to find his fate. He washed up at Orkney, where King Orcant’s daughter, Camille, found a Christian doctor to heal him.

In gratitude, Peter championed King Orcant against King Marahant of Ireland. Peter slew Marahant, winning the respect and friendship of Orcant and King Lucius of Britain, both of whom subsequently converted to Christianity. He married Camille and inherited the kingdom of Orkney, which he passed on to his son, Herland.

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