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Saint Monenna

Darerca, Medana, Modwenna of Killeavy, Moninne
Born: c. 435, Ireland
Died: c. 517

Saint Monenna lived in the fifth century. She was born into a noble family in County Louth, Ireland. She is often associated with the region around the town of Killeavy in present-day Northern Ireland.

She embraced Christianity and dedicated her life to serving God. She established a monastic community in Killeavy, which became known as the Killeavy Monastery or the Abbey of Killeavy.

During the early Christian period, there were close cultural and religious ties between Ireland and Scotland. Irish missionaries played a significant role in the Christianization of Scotland, and several Irish saints, including Saint Monenna, had an impact on Scottish Christianity. There are churches and locations dedicated to her in Scotland, emphasizing her connection to the country.

Saint Monenna was renowned for her piety and spiritual leadership. She was recognized for her gifts of healing and performing miracles. She was also known for her compassion, humility, and devotion to God.

Glennie suggests a connection with the Castle of Maidens at Edinburgh, Scotland.