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A prince and partner in unconsummated love with Perceval’s cousin Sigune. He is found in Wolfram’s Parzival and the later prologue, Titurel.

Raised by Queen Ampflise of France, Schionatulander fell in love with Sigune. He accompanied Gahmuret, Perceval’s father, on his adventures in Baghdad.

Later, back in Britain, he was with Sigune in a forest when he happened upon a brachet wearing an ornate leash. Upon the leash was written a story of two lovers named Clauditte and Enkunaht. Before Schionatulander and Sigune could finish the story, the hound broke free and ran off into the forest. Sigune asked Schionatulander to retrieve the hound so she could see how the tale ended.

During his quest to retrieve it, Schionatulander encountered Duke Orguelleus of La Lande and was slain in combat. In mourning of his death, Sigune lived in cloister at Schionatulander’s tomb and was buried next to him upon her early passing.

Parzival | Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1200–1210