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Senehaus, Senehauz

The paramour of an apparently very minor knight named Blios.

Blios thought Senehaut was having an affair with her cousin, so he beat the cousin in combat. Though Senehaut and Blios reconciled, relatives of the beaten cousin, to avenge the disgrace, kidnapped Senehaut. Sagremor (Sagramore) came upon the abductors and rescued Senehaut, who rewarded her savior by spending the night with him.

Eventually reunited with Blios, Senehaut later gave birth to Sagremor’s daughter, whom Guinevere raised. The child resembled Sagremor more closely than a picture. Her name does not seem to be given, but she might have been called Senehaut after her mother.

Le Livre d’Artus | Early 13th century