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Celise, Colicer, Coliser, Saraide

One of the maidens of Viviane, the French Damsel of the Lake, Seriade seems to have held a high place in the Damsel’s service. her grasp of magic, while doubtless far short of Viviane’s, Nimue’s, or Morgan’s, was practical and useful.

At Viviane’s instructions, Seriade went to rescue young Lionel and Bors from the court of King Claudas. Claudas resisted giving the children up, and during the fray the two boys mortally wounded Claudas’ son Dorin. Seraide, throwing herself between the children and Claudas, received a grievous wound in her own right cheek from the king’s sword. Through a magical ruse, however, she did escape with the boys to the Lake, where their cousin Lancelot treated them as equals.

Seraide became Sir Lionel’s lady in particular and acted as mentor and friend to all four kinsmen – Lionel, Bors, Lancelot, and the British-born Ector de Maris.

After Duke Galeholt’s death, Seraide took his sword to Bors. When Lancelot found Galeholt’s tomb, it was Seraide who kept him from killing himself in grief and told him that Viviane commanded him to take Galeholt’s body to Joyous Garde.