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Senones, Sensones

A Celtic tribe in ancient Gaul (modern-day France). They were one of the major tribes of Gaul and were part of the larger Celtic culture that inhabited the region. They were located in the area that corresponds roughly to present-day Burgundy in east-central France. The tribe’s name, Sensones, is derived from the Latin name Senones.

The Sensones gained historical significance through their involvement in the Gallic Wars led by Julius Caesar in the first century BC. They were among the tribes that formed a confederation against Caesar’s Roman forces. However, they were ultimately defeated by Caesar in 53 BC.

The Sensones are also notable for their sack of Rome in 387 BC. Led by their chieftain Brennus, they breached the city walls and caused significant damage to Rome. This event is known as the Gallic Sack of Rome and is considered a pivotal event in early Roman history.

The Sensones were part of the broader Celtic culture in Gaul and had their own distinct cusoms, language, and social organization. They were eventually assimilated into the Roman Empire after the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Sensones became part of the Roman province of Gallia Lugdunensis and gradually adopted Roman customs and language.

Today, the region of Sens in northern France is named after the Sesnes, and their legacy can be seen in the region’s historical and cultural heritage.