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Sore Pucelle of the White Forest

Niece of the Fisher King and cousin of Perceval. She sent the Grail Sword to the Fisher King’s castle.

She was besieged by Margon, the King with a Hundred Knights. Her knights captured Cargrilo, Margon’s seneschal, hoping to trade him for Sore Pucelle’s lover, the Lord of the White Land. When Margon killed Sore Pucelle’s lover, Sore Pucelle put Cargrilo on a catapult and launched him to his death.

Gawain eventually joined Sore Pucelle’s forces and defeated Margon. Sore Pucelle then beseeched Gawain to avenge the death of her brother, Silimac, who had been murdered by Kay, and Gawain complied.

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