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Tradelmant of Norgales

Cardelmans, Cradlemont, Tradelinant, Tradelmans, Tradelynant, Tradilyvant, Tradilyvaunt

The King of North Wales (Norgales) who, with other British kings, rebelled against the young Arthur. His brother was King Belinant of South Wales, and his nephews, Dodinel and Pollidamas, took service with Arthur.

Arthur defeated Tradelmant and his allies at Caerleon and Bedegraine, after which a Saxon invasion forced the rebellious kings to abandon their revolt and return to their lands. Tradelmant opposed the Saxons at Arundel, Clarence, and other battles.

Later, he reconciled with Arthur to expel the invaders, and the Saxons were crushed at Clarence. He further assisted Arthur in the wars against King Rions and Rome.

His daughter was loved by Agravain. He had a godson named Tradelmant.

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