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Trabuchet, Tribüet

A noble, masterful, and perhaps magical smith from the town of Cotoatre who fashioned the Grail Sword and two knives for the Grail Family.

Trebuchet alone had foreknowledge of the perilous occasion on which this splendid weapon would break, and he alone would be able to mend it. The context suggests that he may have had some personal acquaintance with the Fisher King’s niece, who sent the sword to her uncle. Trebuchet forged three swords during his lifetime for the Grail Family, the last one was the sword that the Fisher King gave Perceval.

Perceval was told that Trebuchet was the only one who could repair the Grail Sword once it shattered in combat. Perceval happened upon Trebuchet’s smithy while seeking someone to extract a nail from his horse’s hoof. Trebuchet repaired the Grail Sword and returned it to Perceval, though he did so reluctantly, as he was fated to die after he had repaired the sword.

Duke Orguelleus of Lalander (Orilus of Lalander) had a fine helmet crafted by the smith. Trebuchet also carved engravings on the Grail King Frimutel’s sword.

Despite his name, which sounds both Cornish and French, Trebuchet lived near Cotoatre, identified with the Firth of Forth. A connection has been suggested with Tùrbe, father of the Irish smith god, Gobniu.

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