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Lancelot’s squire, for a short time, in Ulrich’s Lanzelet.

He was the son of Patricius von den Bigen, and the brother of Ade, Lancelot’s temporary girlfriend. He had been reared by Buroin, the duke of the White Lake, and taught the art of arms and knightly sportsmanship.

Tybalt agreed to be Lancelot’s squire after Lancelot killed Liniers – Tybalt’s and Ade’s uncle – and took possession of his castle, Limors. Tybalt proved a loyal and faithful squire, serving him well at the tournament at Dyoflê.

When Lancelot succumbed to the enchantment at the castle Schatel le Mort (which made Lancelot, temporarily, a coward), however, Tybalt abandoned him in disgust.

The name is a variant of Tiebaut, who appears as the Duke of Tintagel in Chrétien de Troyes.

Lanzelet | Ulrich von Zatzikhoven, c. 1200