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Urre of Hungary

Urry of Hungary, Urry of the Mount

Urre was a

good knight in the land of Hungary ... and he was an adventurous knight, and in all places where he might hear of any deeds of worship there would he be.

In Spain he slew an earl’s son, Sir Alphegus, in tournament. In the fight Urre himself received seven great wounds, three on the head, four on the body and left hand. (Might he have been a left-hander?) Alphegus’ mother, a sorceress, enchanted Urre so that his wounds would never heal, eternally fester, until searched (probed, or touched) by the best knight of the world.

Urre’s mother took him in a horse litter, and with his sister Felelolie and a page to take care of the horses, they searched seven years through “all lands christened” for the best knight of the world, coming at last to Arthur’s court at Carlisle after the Grail Quest. When Arthur heard Urre’s story, he commanded all the knights, dukes, earls, and kings in attendance to attempt to heal the poor knight’s wounds. When Arthur attempted it, the wounds closed partially but renewed their bleeding.

Urre submitted to being handled by every knight of the Round Table then on hand – a hundred and ten of them – gave it their best, but failed. Finally, Lancelot, with reluctance, ran his hands over the wounds. They closed themselved as if they had been healed for many years, proving that God had again granted Lancelot the title of best knight in the world.

Soon thereafter Urre was made a knight of the Round Table, and his sister married Sir Lavaine, who was elected to the Table at the same time. Urre was fiercly loyal to Lancelot.

And this Sir Urre would never go from Sir Launcelot, but he and Sir Lavaine awained evermore upon him; and they were in all the court accounted for good knights, and full desirous in arms; and many noble deeds they did, for they would have no rest, but ever sought adventures.

When Lancelot and Guenevere were accused of treason, Urre pledged his support to Lancelot and helped to rescue the Queen from the stake. In return for his support, Lancelot made him the Earl of Estrake.

Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470