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Vavasour of Brocéliande

Either on the edge or in a large clearing of Brocéliande Forest lay a heath with a moated wooden fortress, kept by a courteous vavasour who summoned his people by striking thrice on a gong of pure copper. He had a tall, slender, and beautiful daughter of courtesy equal to his own.

Together, they gave CalogrenatYwaine, and any other passing knights hospitality, asking them to return if possible and recount their adventures. Nor did the father and daughter show any less courtesy and good cheer to Calogrenat when he returned on foot to describe his defeat by the guardian of the marveolous spring, which lay near enough to make the round trip within one day. Indeed, they congratulated him on being the first they knew of to escape death or capture in that place. Had the story been written in our century, it seems doubtful that they would have faded from it with no later mention.