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Yvain of Leonel

Ewein de Lionell, Iwan of Nonel, Yuain de Lionel, Yvain of Lionel; Yvains de Lionel, Yvains du Lionel, Yvains Leonell, Yvains Loenel

Another of Arthur’s warriors who was knighted by Arthur for his service in the Saxon wars. His father was named Grandalis.

Yvain was one of the knights imprisoned in the Dolorous Prison until freed by Lancelot. His other credits include a quest to learn the fate of Merlin and participation in one of Gawain’s quests to find Lancelot.

Chrétien de Troyes is the first to mention him. His surname may be a variation of Loeneis, or Lothian, or it may indicate a “Lionel”, or a small lion. As the original Yvain was also called “The Knight with the Lion”, this Yvain may have once been the same character.