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Guenevere’s Comb

When Guenevere was captured by Meliagrant, on the way into Gore she either lost her comb or left it behind as a marker. I would incline toward the latter interpretation, since the comb lay clearly visible on a stone slab near a spring in the middle of a meadow. The comb was of glided ivory, very fine, and still had some of the queen’s hairs in it. ‘Portia’ at first tried unobrusively to keep Lancelot from spotting it.

When he did, and she told him whose it was (I remain uncertain how ‘Portia’ herself knew this), he ecstatically cherished the hairs but let his guide keep the comb. It could be thinking more like a modern than a medieval mind to wonder why it apparently never occured to this devout lover that the object of his undying adoration might appreciate getting such a fine and valuable personal item back from his hand.