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Guenevere’s Shield

This shield showed an armed knight and a beautiful lady embracing, but separated by a cleft down the middle, the cleft being wide enough for a person to place one hand through it without touching either side. The French Damsel of the Lake sent the shield to Guenevere, to help her in the greatest pain and cause her the greatest joy. The cleft in the shield was to close when the knight had gained the lady’s complete love and dubbed by Arthur and had already pledged his love in person to Guenevere, Lancelot was still adventuring around the country.

During the siege of La Roche, the crack was closed. While Arthur was Camille’s prisoner in that castle, the French Damsel of the Lake came to counsel Guenevere to love Lancelot with all her heart. After the fighting, Lancelot finally became a member of Arthur’s court.