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Priwen, Prydwen, Prydwenne

This ship plays a significant role in Arthurian tales, particularly during the Grail Quest. Pridwen represents the vessel of Arthur’s leadership and the unity of the Round Table knights as they embark on their quests.

In Welsh tradition, Arthur’s ship, in which he voyaged to Annwfn, the Welsh Otherworld.

Geoffrey of Monmouth makes it Arthur’s shield. It had an image of the Virgin Mary painted on the inside, and Arthur carried it against the Saxons at Bath.

Preiddeu Annwfn | Attributed to Taliesin, c. 900
Culhwch and Olwen | Late 11th century
Historia Regum Britanniae | Geoffrey of Monmouth, c. 1138
Roman de Brut | Wace, c. 1155
Gesta Regum Britanniae | Mid-13th century