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Abererch is a village located in Gwynedd, a county in northwestern Wales. It is situated on the Llŷn Peninsula and is named after the river Erch which flows nearby.

The grave site of Rhydderch the Generous, king of Cumbria and brother-in-law of Merlin.

Abererch | 0 to the 9th century AD

Celtic Inhabitants
The Llŷn Peninsula, was inhabited by Celtic tribes during the pre-Roman and Roman periods. The Celts engaged in agriculture, trade, and other actitivites.

Roman Influence
During the Roman occupation of Britain, the Romans had control over parts of Wales, and the Llŷyn Peninsula may have been influenced by Roman civilization, with raods and settlements in the region.

Early Christian Period
By the fifth century, early Christianity began to spread in Wales. The introduction of Christianity is associated with figures like Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and monastic communities in the region.

Viking and Anglo-Saxon Incursions
Like other parts of the British Isles, Wales, including the Llŷn Peninsula, faced Viking raids and Anglo-Saxon incursions during the early medieval period, particularly from the eighth to the ninth centuries.

Welsh Kingdoms
By the ninth century, Wales was divided into several kingdoms, each ruled by local Welsh princes. The region would have been shaped by the political and cultural dynamics of the time.

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