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Agravain’s House

The Duke of Cambenic conquered this manor, which was in Bresquehan Forest, and gave it to Sir Agravain.

Later, a damsel carrying a sword led Gawaine to the house. Here numerous knights fought him. They demanded a helmet of his blood for a ransom. Refusing to give it under constraint, Gawaine gave it gladly on learning it was needed to heal a wounded Knight. The wounded knight turned out to be his brother Agravain, although so thin and pale that Gawaine did not recognize him at first.

Some time previously, two damsels had come when Agravain was asleep, anointed his right leg and left arm with a strange ointment, and then ridden off well pleased with their revenge. Agravain’s squire had witnessed this, and Agravain suspected the damsels were sweethearts of knights he had wounded. He could not be healed except by the blood of the two best knights in the world. Gawaine’s blood, when rubbed on the wounded leg, healed it. Gawaine later found Lancelot at Duke Galeholt’s Isle Perdue and sent back a helmet of Lancelot’s blood, which healed Agravaine’s arm.

One time Gawaine met the daughter of the man from whom the Duke of Cambernic had conquered this house. She and another damsel were in the company of Agravain and Mordred. One of the damsels was apparently Agravain’s sweetheart; the other had a younger sister enamored of Gawaine.