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Avallon is a town in the northwestern part of Burgundy in central France.

A town where the forces of Riothamus, identified by some with Arthur, were last seen heading after their final defeat. Riothamus is not heard of again in history and the similarity of Avallon to Avalon has buttressed speculation regarding the identity of the two kings.

Avallon | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Era
Avallon has Roman origins, and archaeological evidence suggests a Roman settlement in the area. The town was likely established for strategic and commercial purposes, as it was situated on a Roman road.

Early Medieval Period | 5th – 9th centuries
With the decline of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, the region faced invasions and migrations of various Germanic tribes. During the early medieval period, Avallon became part of the Merovingian and later Carolingian realms. The town’s strategic location may have contributed to its importance during these periods.

The spread of Christianity in the region is associated with the medieval Christianization efforts. Churches and religious institutions, such as the Church of Saint-Lazare, played a role in the Christian life of the town.

Viking Raids | 8th – 9th centuries
Like many other places in Europe, Avallon experienced Viking raids during the eighth and ninth centuries. The raids prompted the fortification of towns and the construction of defensive structures.