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Probably Bangor, a city in Gwynedd. It is located on the northern coast of Wales, near the Isle of Anglesey.

It was the home of King Jozefent, the father of Arthur’s Sir Durmart.

Bangor | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman and Pre-Roman Periods
The area around Bangor has a history dating back to Roman times, with evidence of Roman settlements and activities in the region. The Romans established a network of roads and forts in Wales, including areas near Bangor.

Celtic and Early Christian Periods
The transition from Roman rule to the early medieval period saw the influence of Celtic cultures and the spread of Christianity. It is during this period that the foundations of Bangor’s Christian history were laid.

Bangor Monastery | 6th century
The most notable historical feature associated with Bangor during this era is Bangor Monastery, also known as Bangor Fawr. It was a prominent religious institution founded by Saint Deiniol ab Dunawd in the late sixth century. The monastery became one of the most significant centers of learning and Christian spirituality in Wales.

Viking Raids | 8th – 9th centuries
Like many coastal areas in the British Isles, Bangor may have experienced Viking raids during the eighth and ninth centuries. Viking raids were a significant factor in shaping the history of coastal settlements during this period.

Despite potential disruptions from Viking raids, Christian influence persisted, and Bangor Monastery continued to be a center of religious and educational activity.

– Ban, is Welsh for “high,” “superior.”
gor, cor signifies a circle, a stall, a choir.

Durmart le Gallois | Early 13th century