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Black Chapel

Ancient Chapel

In the Vulgate Mort Artu, the chapel where Girflet (Griflet) and Lucan brought a mortally wounded Arthur after the final battle with Mordred. It is located somewhere between Salisbury and the sea. Lucan perished and was buried there; Arthur was taken by Morgan Le Fay; and Girflet retired as a Black Chapel hermit. It is called the Ancient Chapel in the Post-Vulgate version.

Malory’s account might lead one to believe that the last knight took Excalibur to the lake from this chapel, and afterward carried Arthur from here directly to the boat of Morgan and the other queens. The Vulgate, however, specifies that after passing the night at the Black Chapel, Arthur and his last warrior set out in the morning, reaching the sea at noon, and Arthur sent his knight from the seaside to throw Excalibur into the lake on the other side of the hill.

Also according to the Vulgate, the last knight later found Arthur’s grave at the Black Chapel. This seems to vary from Malory, who apparently makes the chapel near Salisbury distinct from that where Arthur lies buried.

Vulgate Mort Artu | 1215-1230