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Bloy, Bloyse

Blois is a city in central France, positioned along the banks of the Loire River.

It is variously given as the homeland of the Arthurian knights MelaldonGwyniarte, and Persides, though some of these knights’ names were probably, originally, le blois (“the pale”) rather than de Blois.

Blois | 0 to the 9th century AD

Pre-Roman and Roman Periods
The area that would become Blois likely had a pre-Roman Celtic presence. During the Roman era, the region of Blois was part of Gaul. Roman influence in the area is reflected in the network of roads, including those along the Loire River, connecting various settlements.

Migration Period | 4th – 6th centuries
With the decline of the Roman Empire and the migration of various Germanic and other tribes, the region witnessed changes in population and political structures. The Merovingian Franks, who established the first French monarchy, exerted influence in Gaul during this period.

Early Medieval Period | 6th – 9th centuries
During the early medieval period, the region experienced the influence of the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties. The city of Blois itself likely began to take shape as a settlement during this time, possibly as a result of strategic considerations related to its location along the Loire River.

The spread of Christianization was a significant development during the early medieval period. Missionaries worked to convert the local population to Christianity.

Viking Invasions
Coastal areas of France, including regions along major rivers like the Loire, were vulnerable to Viking invasions during the ninth century. These invasions led to the fortification of some inland towns.

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