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Breuse Sans Pitie’s Castle

Searching for Lancelot, Tristram (Tristan)

rode by a forest, and then was he ware of a fair tower by a march on that one side, and on that other side a fair meadow.

Before the tower Breuse Sans Pitie and eight of his knights were attacking Palomides, all at once. When Tristram came to the rescue, he drove Breuse and his men into the tower, which suggests this was Breuse’s own stronghold. The last place Tristram is known to have been before this was the Castle of the Hard Rock, but he might have come any distance from there to this tower.

Surely the infamous Breuse Sans Pitie had one or two castles tucked away about the island. I suspect that at least one of them would have been in or on the edge of the Saxon lands, for there is evidence that Breuse was allied with the Saxons on at least one occasion.